Lets say you have idea you share it with your investor and he like it to, ideas is to build any kind of product or services who servers one or more than one market, for example you have digital or physical book and which is beginner level programming language book, so now had research on potential market where your book can get sell like amazon or near by market and what next ? you wait for the customer to came ?

Let assume that you put your money also in marketing firstly to introduce you product then market it as hammering after that you push you product desperately to get sale.

Does These marketing activities give you any sales ?
Let assure more further you hire a sales personal now who can go home to home or call and ping them to seek and sale you product to potential clients. How many of them want to buy from you, when you have large competitor market who is already doing same procedures as you.

You got kicked by reality you cant sale anything because just have it.
Sales need is serious research and approaches.

You need marketing strategy, targeted market, reach to market, get booking, and get sales.

Go to the professionals and am not talking about just us.


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This post in not about solve your sales problem its about what is wrong with your sales. “Knowing is half doing”
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-Siddhant Rawate

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