Our profound methodology skill enables us to drive your business forward.


Building Businesses for our clients

Our goal is to set a new standard for what effective marketing means. We define great KPIs like leads, not likes. Moreover, great results based on the number of meetings held, not how many ebook downloads generated.

Linkedin Lead Generation

Marketing Strategy

Partnership Outreach

Enterprise Outreach




Linkedin Lead Generation

Effort all alone drives excellent leads; however, experienced advertisers realize numerous touch focuses crosswise over various stages are significantly increasingly powerful. By joining milder informing on LinkedIn with effective administration of a curated gathering, we can expand your image specialist and make our outbound battle progressively effective.

  • 60 – 150 Connection requests sent with personal messaging each week Or Targeted Linkedin Email list to client list building.
  • 10 Posts made in a managed group owned by your agency each month 
  • building List of Potential targets of your niche, Geographic locations, or level of the client in the organization from linked list directory.
  • Investment: From 5000 INR / Month 

Marketing Strategy

A 50-60 Page far-reaching audit is laying out a unique, well-ordered technique that will get you millions of business.

  • Audit of analytical data (as far back it goes) to discover lead/ sales generating opportunities.
  • Audit on Directory listing currently used (local, Google, clutch, LinkedIn, or other business directories ) 
  • Recommendations for areas of improvement.
  • Investment: From 25000 INR / Month 

Partnership Outreach

Partnership effort is the ideal approach to fabricate connections, build your relation through and create drives utilizing cold email. 


  • Partnership With large enterprise with AIMof large size projects for clients 
  • Collaboration with small size agencies for referral out-sourcing work.  
  • Booking meeting with up to 20 to 60 organizations, depending upon the company profile or connection motivations. 
  • Investment : 15000 – 20000 INR / Month

Enterprise Outreach

Utilizing very focused on email outreach, we book meetings with these perfect customers and pass them on to your business group.

  • Our team creates lead lists based on the criteria we agree upon (revenue size, geographic location, employee size, vertical, etc.) Via various sources.  
  • 30-50 customized emails sent to perfect customers/connections every week
  • Booking meeting with those who express interest but haven’t booked a session over the cold call.

Sales Outsource

Regardless of whether you’ve battled with deals previously, or don’t generally have a culture that supports inside sales till this moment, despite everything you need somebody who’s job is exclusively centered, around getting new business. Our outsource sales offering solves this, giving you an expert sales rep to deal with your leads.


  • sales meetings per week (10 Meetings Depending Upon services) 
  • Email follow up on active leads.
  • help with proposal creation and presentation. 
  • Investment: Contact us.

Sales Coaching

In case you’re keen on developing your business group or making them increasingly compelling, you need somebody who can set KPIs, oversee continuous instruction, and training the group through difficulties. We can give that training and responsibility to make and keep up your high performing sales team.

  • Provide training to the employee for the deliverance of services.
  • We are creating a course of knowledge and activities which can help to grow as sales targets. 
  • Weekly sales meetings to review activity, set goals, address any issues
  • Investment: Contact us.

    Public Relations

    Regardless of whether you need to include insignificant productions, become a visitor on your top pick digital broadcast, or construct top quality links to your site, Public Relation enables it to happen. We’ll help you get your content and brand in front of more individuals.


    • Outreach to 10-30 influencer’s per month in your niche  
    • Three articles per month posted on influencer websites and to Reddit or essential media platform. 
    • Content Creation for individual cases. 
    • Investment : 8000 INR / Month