so it’s a day when you finally made your mind to read something about business customization.

Think about you are on the street want to purchase something, let just say
food and there are numbers of food stalls on the street, and you want to
have some India chat and there are 4-5 people are serving Indian Chat
But you have a unique condition you can not have to have Curd or certain spices,

What you gonna do ?

You mostly ask to vendor to do not add in your order.

and what happens hi didn’t hear you? or don’t want to hear from you?
won’t be selling without those elements ? or serve you totally wrong dish with all your requirement.

it will be totally lose in all the way possible to you only.

Now would you like to buy from any of those vendors of street.

That why business customization is needed in today world people will come to you with numbers of different filters you should have an atleast ready solution which can satisfy there

Do not Serve to all , Serve some repeatably.

Take the place of your customer sometime they just dont want the best, they want something That need to be deliver .

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