Did you know that email marketing is BY FAR the most cost-effective form of marketing?
The average return on investment is about rupee for every rupee spent. It’s a great way to target an audience at an affordable price. However, it’s not necessarily easy, unfortunately.
So we’ve put together some tips and strategies for all of our retailers out there.
You might want to take notes on this one! Ok, so the first thing you want to do is build out your subscriber list.
Just use every possible opportunity to have your customers give you their email. However, there are countless ways of asking for an email address — some more shameless than others.
Ask during phone calls, collect on your blog, encourage on social media sites, require it to leave reviews, or offer email-only deals. You can even go early and have a business card drawing in your store. So yes, be relentless but don’t get creepy.
Next, define your audience.
You don’t want to waste time and money, reaching people who aren’t interested. Segmented email campaigns result in more opens and clicks. If you’re going to get serious, check out advanced customer resource management tools.
These make sure you’re hitting the right people. Just be careful not to get too spammy; otherwise, you’ll wind up in the dreaded Google promotions folder.
Once you’ve mastered this, you can take additional steps to get the emails opened. The most crucial factor is grabbing attention off the bat.
Subject line.
Don’t say “Email Marketing Tips.”
Say “Tricks to Email Marketing that the Experts Have Never Heard of.” Be as annoying as Buzzfeed.
Just make sure you can follow through. Email marketing experts also swear by the Us Be useful, ultra-specific, unique, and urgent.
So you’ve reached the right eyes, get people to open the message. Now you need to find your voice.
These are especially crucial for eCommerce merchants. It’s your chance to let your personality shine.
Start by addressing the recipient by name, don’t be too formal, use the first and second person’s voice.
However, stay useful and don’t waste time. Make people excited to find out more about you! When it comes to the actual sale, be CLEAR. Give the minimal necessary information, show them what will miss, tell success stories or great reviews. Add a sense of urgency with a deadline and make a prominent call to action. Finally, don’t get too cluttered. Keep plenty of white space, so you don’t overwhelm. Hand in hand with this is also determining your marketing strategy.
What kind of email is it?
Promotional, loyalty rewards, abandoned cart, lapsed customers, cross-selling past purchases?
Determining the overall strategy makes crafting a lot easier. Finally, try out as many email campaigns as you can!
Moreover, keep track of each. You’re not going to perfect this on your first try, so it’s essential to see what works and what doesn’t. Modern analytics tools make this easy.A/B split testing is the simplest way of comparing two different ideas.
As for us here at Forefront, we’re still trying different strategies all the time. Moreover, it’s quite fun.
Let us know what’s worked for you.
We in Forefront are also helping to reach the potential market for various brands; let us know if you are looking for any help inside and outside of Pune Maharashtra India and overseas.

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