best way to sell something finding its need in the market. 

you simply can’t sell anyone who doesn’t need it. first sell is a demo purpose second sell in brand loyalty and that’s the key to brand building.

instead of focusing on a new crowd each time; try to bind the old audience for a long time.

Now How you should know about your Clients/ Consumer.
1)  Personalization: Once a consumer connected for the first time brand has the opportunity to at least capture his/her’s personal details which can be used to please them later on future.

Note: Data that is capture should not be privacy theft as well.

Data can we  Mobile Number, Email address, date of birth.

I prefer to collect email addresses instead of mobile numbers of my clients to wishing them privately without breaching their privacy.

2) Buying Behaviour: Idealize your Market/ Opportunities; Firstly you have to be clear about whom you can sell your product.

some people say their product is applicable for all market or major of the market but that doesn’t mean you can sell them to everyone; it will take huge efforts to convert these audiences to consumers; so instead of pitching your idea to everyone get aggressing where you can dominate the market.

Buying behavior can be like :
If you want to sell I phone Cover – Buying behavior should be the person who has or had I phone; a person who owns a car or job security with maximum wages; having habit of high spending on food travel of luxury items.

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